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Killin And Reelin Outdoor's

Call or text Us at (864) 978-9414

We have a lot of fun in South Carolina's outdoors!!


We are proud to announce that Killin and Reelin is now offering Taxidermy services!

We won't sacrifice quality work for a fast turn around , however in most cases we can have a faster turn around than most taxidermist. 
How you ask?
A lot of taxidermist don't start on your deer until after deer season has ended, with Killin and Reelin, we start on your mount as soon as you drop it off. Some taxidermist wait until they have a certain number to do then they start several at once, while we will do several at once, we WILL start your mount as SOON as we get it, we WILL NOT wait for a certain number before we start!
We will offer free pick up and delivery within a 30 mile radius, however we will offer pick up,delivery and even shipping to anywhere for whatever the fuel/shipping costs are.

We will offer several ways to pay for your mount, such as credit cards, checks, and cash(king). We will also have a payment plan available so that you won't have to come up with it all at one time!
We also offer a rush fee, meaning if you're like most, you want your trophy back yesterday, pay the deposit and rush fee up front and you are priority and will have a quality mount in a very timely fashion!

Whitetail shoulder mounts start at $375
$140 Deposit REQUIRED to start your mount
The rush fee for a shoulder mount is $100 extra(2 month guarantee) $200 extra(1 month guarantee)

Euro mounts start at $65
$30 deposit REQUIRED to start yout Euro mount
The rush fee for a Euro is $30 extra(typically 1 week or less)

YOUTH 16 and under $275 for a whitetail shoulder

Hog Shoulder $475

Hog Euro $140

Gray Squirrel $200

Fox Squirrel $225

Bobcat,fox,Racoon full body $475...  Shoulder mount starts at $300

Coyote $675 full body... $400 shoulder mount

Ducks $240 any pose 


Payment options! If you leave a payment please contact us to be sure we got it 

To be more convenient for our customers we have added many options and ways to pay for your trophy mount! You can choose to make payments at your conveince.

Euro Mount options

Shoulder mount