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We have a lot of fun in South Carolina's outdoors!!


Smallmouth Bass

Our Smallmouth Bass trips are very unique. We can access some waters that does not get much pressure, and how we do that is by airboat. 

Our trips include all fishing equipment and lures, however you can bring your own if you choose.

Trips start at 7am-12 noon or 12-7pm addittional times can be added for $25 per hour

Half day trips are $300 for up to 3 people 

Full day trips(7am-7pm) are $400 for 3 people and includes lunch(hamburgers/hotdogs/sandwiches)

A cooler will be provided, I will have water , if you need any other types of drinks you should bring them

I do not allow alcohol until your trip is over. 

Things you need to bring

sunscreen, change of clothes, bathing suits/swimming shorts, **sandals with a strap across the back and top VERY IMPORTANT ITEM**, sun glasses, fishing licence

We will get out of the boat a lot around rocks and wade, if you are limeted in movements please let us know before hand and we will try to accomandate you as best as we can.

We catch a lot of fish in the 1-3lb range and a few 4-5lb smallmouth in some very strong current that adds to the excitment! The fish will often times jump 2-3ft out of the water and will pull like a train in the swift water. 

The trips are directly affected by weather and water conditions, if we have a good bit of rain the week before or the week of your trip, we will probably try to reschedule to ensure you have the best trip possible, however we understand that can't always be the case, if we offer to rescedule the trip and you decide to go anyway, the no fish no pay guarantee is waved and we're not obligated to honor that.

We can do combination trips as well, if you want to do a half day smallmouth and a half day catfish we can make it happen, or a half day smallmouth and half night bowfishing can be arranged as well.